Black Hole Cold Brew


Black Hole Cold Brew, Texas owned and operated, was founded in 2010 as a sister company of two small, independent, locally owned coffee houses in Houston, TX.  The sister coffee shops, Black Hole Coffee House and Antidote Coffee House, developed a loyal following for their cold brewed iced coffee so a separate company was formed to brew, bottle, and distribute iced coffee to the surrounding community.

Black Hole Cold Brew (“BHCB”) is a hand crafted artisan coffee concentrate that is brewed, bottled, and kegged in Houston, TX.  BHCB can be enjoyed hot or cold, as part of the morning routine, or as a refreshing summertime drink. We now offer BHCB in 5 gallon soda kegs that can be aerated with nitrogen. BHCB elevates the quality of commercially available coffee concentrates by providing a smoother, richer, full-bodied flavor that is low on acid and heavy on caffeine and flavor.