Simple Nut Organics

by Arunkon Vass

Simple Nut Organics represents the simplicity and purity of organic coconut based soaps products I create personally. I started making soaps originally to help relief the skin conditions of my sons,  Ethan and Zachary. Not finding much relief with over the counter products,  I decided to create my own formulation of unique coconut based soaps to help with their skin condition.

The legend and lore of Simple Nut Organics began in the 13th Century – a time when Marco Polo was traveling from Europe to China in order to bring back spices and other luxuries during the Age of Exploration.

As he traversed the region we now know as Thailand, he came upon the Ayutthaya Kingdom. Ayutthaya was a sophisticated culture most notable at the time for its native medicines which were quite advanced for those times. Historians refer to that period in Ayutthaya/Thai history as the Golden Age of Medicine.

Central to the medicinal tools of these people was the coconut, which Marco Polo introduced to Europe upon his return. It is those very same pure ingredients and ancient Thai formulas which Marco Polo discovered that we incorporate into each and every handmade Simple Nut Organics product.